Stir Fried Chicken Wings

On a hot summer day, it’s no fun baking when you do not have air conditioning.  Fans can only do so much.  wings

My original plan was to bake these wings, so I had to come up with an alternative.

Growing up my grandmother would throw chicken wings in the pressure cooker and shortly we would have stewed wings.  No pressure cooker.

Not crazy about boiled chicken, only if cooking it with egg noodles.  That was not an option as I am trying to cut back on the pasta.

Decided to just cook them in a non-stick pan with a little oil instead.

Here’s My Creation

10 chicken wings – cut (separated the flat and tip, from the meatier piece)

Season to your taste – I used:

Celery Seed

Garlic Powder

Poultry Seasoning

Lemon Pepper


Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning


In a non-stick pan:

Add about 2 T of sesame oil, and 2 T of grapeseed oil to a hot pan.  Add 1/2 cup of bell pepper, and cook for about a minute.  Add the chicken wings and brown on both sides about 10 minutes each side on medium heat.  Add about 1/4 cup of water and cover.  Cook for another 20 minutes  (stirring occasionally).  Serves 4.

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My mommy’s day treat to my daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-workin’ folk – that do what they can to raise great children for the future…It ain’t easy...

I decided that I would spoil my daughter this year vs.  waiting for her to cook for me (a rare occasion).  She has been really taking care of things for me lately and I wanted to honor her.  Hopefully her head cold will be a little clear and she can taste it. (smile – fingers crossed)

In an effort for us to work on eating healthier and because we both love salmon, I decided that would be our meat today.  I have not be doing as well with eating healthy as I have in the past and well, we gotta start somewhere again!

I want it crusted with something this time so I found two recipes, and you know me I am going to make my own out of the two with a little of my own twist.  I want pecans, and I do want a little parmesan cheese, but I also found a new seasoning that fits the need as well.  I will post a link to it at the end of this so you can see.

My twist:  I am going to combine the crusting ingredients for the pecans, leave out the flaxseed since I don’t have any (may try that later) , keep the brown sugar, plus a little bit of the horseradish from the other recipe.  I think the sweet and tart will work well.  I am going to make the dill sauce recipe to sprinkle over it.

I am going to sear the crusted side first in olive oil & sesame oil – then stick it in the over for a few minutes since the salmon is not very thick.  I am going to make my famous spinach on the side and serve garlic breadsticks…ooh I can taste it now…

The recipes I found that I am using  pecan crust … bread crumb crustNew crusting blends(I have the Italian herb & cheese, plus it has the panko bread crumbs included!)

I will update the post later with the results…until next time…

Update: It was absolutely great…I combined the pecan crust with the crushing blends, added brown sugar, put the crust on the salmon, seared it and put in the oven at 375 for about 8 minutes.  I used the sauce from the bread crumb crust recipe and instead of Vermouth, I used white wine.  It all was very tasty!!  I am going to try putting the crust on top and just bake it the next time just to see if it will still be as crunchy.  We loved it, my daughter could kinda taste it!

Shrimp Rolls…kinda quick

First of all, I have not fixed the tempura yet as planned – but that is coming.  I realized that many of my recipes are still packed. Ugh – after 4 months my basement is still full of boxes!! We’ll get that done soon.

We made shrimp rolls yesterday – it turned out to be a family thing.  My daughter mixed them, I spread the mixture, and my granddaughter rolled them.  This kind of fits for efficiency – it does not take a long time – but it is more of a hors d’oeuvres – finger food that is best eaten  shortly after cooking.

I got this recipe from mom because I wanted something to cook kinda fun for Valentines Day.  Not sure where she got it, but she typed it up and emailed to me. Of course, I always add a little extra to any recipe I use.  I don’t measure either, trust me it’s easy and it can be quick.  I buy shrimp that is already bagged up – normally a two pound bag.  It is usually deveined already, which saves oodles of time.  For my friends that I have introduced shrimp toast to

Here we go:

1 lb of Shrimp (peeled & deveined)

1 egg

1 T Sesame oil

Sea Salt, ground pepper, a lil chili powder, lemon pepper

Chopped Scallions – (about 4 or 5 green onions)

Chopped Bean sprouts (about 3/4 cup)

1 loaf or white bread (cut all the ends off and totally flatten with a rolling pin)

You may want something to dip these in.  I buy sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard.


First put the shrimp in a food processer or chopper and chop into paste (add to bowl)

Add sesame oil, egg, seasonings, chopped scallions, and bean sprouts.  Mix

Heat oil until hot (about 400 degrees) – You are going to deep fry these – so if you have a fry daddy or some type of deep fryer that is best.  If not, use a heavy pot and pour oil.  I mix peanut oil with canola oil.  Note: it needs to be hot enough to cook quickly and be crispy, but not too hot where it burns and cooks to fast.  If it’s not hot enough, it will not be crispy.  Learned the hard way – mine were kind of dark the first time. lol

Spread the paste on the bread leaving about an inch or more of bread uncovered.  Roll slightly tight and secure with toothpick.  You can use one for each end, but if it’s wrapped good one in the middle will do.  Do not put too much because remember when you roll the paste it will be squeezed and could come out. You’ll see.  I also tried to put a little bit more at first – but you will learn that it will not cook all the way if you make it too thick so be careful.

Fry them until they are golden brown.  If you are fixing for a party – you may want to cut them in half after they are cooked.  I would suggest to fry them no more than an hour before your guests arrive, and keep them uncovered so they remain crunchy.  Dip in the sauces and enjoy.  My mom suggest duck sauce for dipping too – I haven’t tried that.