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Michelle – Owner of Virtually Distinguished

I LOVE TO COOK…..LOVE TO COOK…- especially when I have the time.  I have always had a strong passion to cook and be creative.  I have been cooking for more than 40 years now.  I always hung out in the kitchen with my grandmother and mom which was our time to talk.

One of these days when I grow up…I would love to fly to Paris and learn how to cook at Cordon Bleu or just attend and graduate from cooking school.  It would also be exciting to participate in a home cooks cooking show…How cool would that be?

Over the years – I have expanded my knowledge by trying different things and watching many hours of cooking shows.  I was raised in a very small family – one sister, my mom, grandmother & grandfather in Detroit Michigan.  We were small but mighty!

I love to cook for my friends and family.  My favorite day to cook is Thanksgiving – I LOVE that most of all.  I don’t want any help in the kitchen and everything is from scratch.

My biggest joy in cooking is watching people enjoy what I have prepared.  To see smiling faces and hear the sounds from the enjoyment of something that I have cooked for them is truly the highlight and my ultimate goal. I love that SILENCE that comes across the room when they first start eating a meal I have prepared…awesome energy.

I hope this blog will help other entrepreneurs that want to cook, cook more and learn quick and easy ways to accomplish this – effortlessly.

Learn more about me from a business standpoint by visiting my business home Virtually Distinguished.


11 thoughts on “About Michelle

  1. Michelle you are a talented and creative lady. I liked to sample some of that flavorful you create sometime. Keep up what you do because I’m watching!


  2. Hi Michelle. I did a blog entry on a fish fry, and it generated a WordPress link right here to you. 🙂

    I’m glad it did. Love your blog. You’re my kind of cook!


  3. Hey I sure do miss your cooking gurl. The boyz n I were talking about your cooking the other day. They said that you and I are the best cooks in the world, and I said that you are the ONLY ONE WHO CAN COOK BETTER THEN ME!!!!!


  4. You are amazing Michelle. I wish you would teach me how to figure out what my strengths are so I can do something positive with my life.


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