My 1st Chicken Tortilla Soup

Have you seen the cooking show on Food Network, Mexican Made EasyI love Marcela Valladolid….I discovered her when her new show started earlier this year.  It is the only cooking show I actually tape each week. I watch many, but I tape hers! I love the uniqueness of what she cooks…check her out, especially if you like mexican food.

I have yet to find a restaurant that peaks my love for mexican food since leaving California which may be why I gravitate to her show.  She makes the recipes look quick, easy, and tasty..ok done with my commercial :).

This past weekend she did a show around Mexican comfort foods.  As I watched it, I could taste what I was watching her cook.  I have always wanted to cook Chicken Tortilla Soup and she made it look so easy.

I ventured to the grocery store on Sunday to get snacks for my greedy lil 8 year old granddaughter who is hungry every hour.  She is tall for her age, skinny, and eats ALL the time.  I try to keep fresh fruit around as she will eat that up willingly as well as yogurt.  She is a testament to small snacks keeping you slim…that’s another story…

I decided while I was there to fix the soup.  Found the recipe on my iPhone and continued to shop..

For those that know me, I added a few extra’s, cilantro and cooked chicken.  If you are a vegetarian…this is a great recipe for you.  I bought one of those chipotle chicken packages and cut it up in chunks, and added it to the pot at the end of the recipe.  I added the cilantro where you blend the ingredients.

This was GREAT…..I have to say it was better during my midnight snack…so I think if you make it early and let it sit so the seasoning really develops…it is very flavorful.  It was da BOMB!  Here is a link to the actual recipe….I actually want to fix everything she made during the show…I WILL get to that!  I believe it actually took about 45 mins to an hour at the most to prepare.


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