This morning I cooked breakfast for my parents and I thought about the fact that this is something that I fix for those I love as a nice surprise. As a child, I loved it when my grandmother would fix waffles, it was such a special treat. Through the years, I always fixed it as something special for the little ones in my life and they loved it too.  I am sure when I move back to California, this will be a meal I have to fix for my “grown” kids! We are a family that loves to have this for dinner at times too! Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles has nothing on me (or shall I say my grandmother), I just perfected it a little.

Equipment: Waffle iron…I prefer the Belgian style.  Make sure it is hot and the ready button is “off” before you pour the batter in.

Syrup:  Alaga….You cannot find it in just any store in California, if you find a store that has many ethnic types of things from the south, they probably have Alaga.  It’s a syrup with a different taste and it’s the bomb on waffles and biscuits.  I am not crazy about it on pancakes.  It’s usually pretty easy to find in the south.


Waffle mix – Bisquick only!

Butter – 2 sticks (depends on the quantity of batter)


Allspice – 1tsp


Depending on the amount you want to fix, follow the directions on the box BUT I have a few tips of things I do different:

  • I mix using a hand mixer to make sure the batter is smooth.
  • Add an extra egg before you add the milk, and put less milk.
  • Do NOT use oil in the batter, replace it with “butter”.  I ALWAYS melt a stick of butter and use half of that in the batter or a whole stick if I am making a lot.  Once you have added the melted butter to the batter, if it is too thick, NOW add a little more milk.
  • Melt the second stick (or half of stick) to pour over the waffle when it comes out of the iron.  I don’t know what it is, but it gives the waffle a completely different taste! We always have something small that we melt our butter in.
  • Add the allspice at the end…Trust me you will like it!

Whatever meat you are serving with the waffles, make sure you prepare that first.


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