Valentines Day – YOU can DO this!

I missed the SuperBowl because I went to see Tyler Perry’s new play – which was awesome by the way.  I set my TIVO to tape GMA because I always like their shows the day after SuperBowl.  At the end of it Emeril prepared a dish with chicken that looked so yummmy.  I thought about it all morning and because it seemed so easy I ran to the store to get a few of the ingredients.

If you DON’T cook and you want to cook something special for Valentines Day or anytime for someone special, this is VERY easy and tasty…THIS IS IT. It is pretty quick too…  I had to try it!  I put too much wine and my gravy did not come out as thick as it should have but you best believe the next time I fix it I won’t make that mistake, but it was good!

For my sides, I fixed my spinach recipe and a box, yes box of Zataran’s Rice Pilaf!!!  Excellent combination with this…You could have your entire dinner ready – in an hour!

Be romantic…fix these dishes and serve a glass of white wine!  YUMMY


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