Macaroni and Cheese – My Way

It’s almost Thanksgiving my FAVORITE day to cook!!  This year I am sharing the kitchen with my BFF, Stephanie and for the first time to share the kitchen…My mom and I have a difficult time doing that.  We both like to have the kitchen to ourselves when we cook.  But, I so love Stephanie’s cooking AND it is her house – LOL – why not!

I want to fix Turkey & Dressing – posted that recipe already and here goes for the Mac & Cheese.  I posted this recipe previously so I am just adding a list of ingredients and I will be putting bread crumbs over mine this time and adding an egg.  Once again I do not measure but I will try to give some measurements…You can always add a lil cheese or reduce it if you are not a big cheese person.  Or you can add different cheeses if you have some in particular that you favor. Part of this comes from my grandmother and it has changed a bit.  Interestingly, the first year I added sour cream to mine, I visited my sister for Thanksgiving that year and she was doing the same thing.


Elbow Macaroni or Rotini Spiral (I like the spiral better for the look)

Cheese (sharp cheddar, colby, and jack) about 2 cups each



1 egg

1 cup Sour Cream


Salt & Pepper to taste

White Sauce

My grandmother taught me to make this for mac and cheese.  I use it for other sauces as well.

Put 3T of butter in a pot and melt on medium heat.  Add about 3-4 heaping forkfulls of flour and mix well stirring continuously until it is smooth.  Pour about 2 -3 cups of milk and cook until it thickens. Add your cheese, reduce heat, continue to stir until the cheese has melted.  Add a little salt and pour over the macaroni.  If you want the sauce a little richer, use half and half.  If it turns out too thick, just add a little more milk.

Mac & Cheese

I make mine a little different from the way I was taught – but it’s pretty basic. I will use just about any thicker pasta, shells, macaroni, spiral, and sometimes I mix them depending on how much I have available. The picture is the actual mac& cheese I made a few months ago –  looks good huh.

Pasta (cook until it is soft – not until it is completely done) rinse it and place it in a  bowl that is twice the size of the amount of pasta.  Cheese (colby, sharp cheddar, jack, mexican shredded) – I buy the first three in brick form and depending on the amount – I will use at least half of each.  Grate it.  We like it cheesy.  I make the white sauce, add half of the cheese into the white sauce after it thickens.  Pour the sauce mixture over the pasta in the bowl, salt, pepper, and at least a cup of sour cream, and add the rest of the cheese – mix it. I will put some of the shredded cheese in the bowl as well.  Once it is mixed well, I pour into a glass dish and spread grated cheese over it.  Now if you really want to add a little extra, put breadcrumbs on top as well for a different touch.  Bake for about 45 mins – 1hour.  I like it a little brown as you can see on the picture.  Yummy.

Tip:  If your sauce seems runny, you could add an egg which will kind of bring it all together. I think it also keeps it from being dry.  Sometimes I add an egg and sometimes I don’t.

I think I am going to post our Yeast Roll recipe next…watch out for it…Yes, you too can make rolls from scratch!


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