Lasagna with a lil Mexican Spin

lasagnaI am posting this for a family member that asked for the recipe.  This is one of those dishes you make for gatherings or something for the family to eat off of for a few days.  It’s not quick, but it’s easy.  If you like cheese, pasta, with meat and a little bit of sauce, you will like this.  I make this from memory so bare with it and taste a little to see if you need to add more. I am going to write this as if you are making a large one.  I suggest coooking this in a tin pan that you can throw away.  There are pans specifically for lasagne as you do want it to be deep because of the layering.

Ingredients/Shopping List:

Chicken- Thighs about 8 (depends on the size

(I like dark meat for this to add more moisture)

Med-Large can of refried beans or black beans if you want to be healthier but they need to be soft.

4 oz (med) container of sour cream

2 pkgs of taco seasoning

Cheese – (jack & cheddar at least) about 3 cups (guessing)

Green chiles (med can)

Black Olives (can)

Green chile sauce (mild)

Lasagna pasta


Tomatoes (diced or canned stewed) If they have the mexican style of canned tomatoes – try that too.

Bell Pepper

Cilantro (if you don’t like the taste, you can leave it out – I love it)

Green onions (about 3)

Tin foil


Season and boil the chicken.  I use a seasoned salt (Johnny’s), fresh ground pepper (my fave), fresh diced garlic, bell pepper, bay leaves, old bay seasoning, lemon pepper, basil.  Once it is cooked, cut up in small cubes or largely shred it.

Cook the lasagna as well while the chicken is boiling. Cook enough lasagna for two or three layers depending on your pan.

While all of that is cooking mix the refried beans (or black beans), sour cream, and taco seasoning.  Again, depending on the size of the dish, this is your first layer on top of the pasta.  I would taste to see if you need to add anything else.

Shred your cheese if you bought blocks – never hurts to have too much you can always save extra for another dish right?

If you are using fresh tomatoes, now is a great time to cut that up as well as cilantro.

Time to layer

Spay the pan with non-stick spray.  Place lasagna pasta to cover the bottom.  Spoon a layer of the bean mixture first.  Add the chicken, green chiles, tomatoes, and a little of the green chile sauce, then cheese.  You can put a little bit of cilantro as well.

Add another layer of lasagna pasta and follow the same process.  If you are going to have three layers just keep the same steps.  On the final layer save some of the green chile sauce to poor over the cheese.  At the very end, spinkle the green onions and olives over the top.  Cover with foil and bake for about an hour until it is bubbling.  About 10 minutes before it is ready to come out, remove the tin foil.

As a side dish add a salad..that always helps.

Hope you like it.   Lynn – post a comment when it’s done and tell me how it came out – hopefully I did not miss anything.  I love ya and congratulations on the engagement once again, I am soo disappointed I won’t be there!

Now that I have posted this, I think I am gonna fix this myself tomorrow!  I have not fixed it in about a year.  Thanks for asking!


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