I love Cabbage

Wow – It is has been more than a minute since I posted on my cooking blog…

Well, I have been in transition of moving and re-grouping for a while.  I am sooo grateful that it is over and I am in a much better space both physically and mentally.  I now realize that I really have to be in the correct place mentally to want to cook.  I was soo not in the mood at all, which is not like me.

I love to cook..I love to eat good homemade food.  I so appreciate when friends of mine that like to cook actually cook.  I am in a very special place now with my one of my BFF’s that also is a great cook.  I am sooo looking forward to learning and trying different things with her.  I already have a few ideas on some new things to try, more to come in the near future.

This past weekend I fixed cabbage.  My BFF and her daughter really liked it…so for my first post after some time – I may have posted about this before – this one is strictly how to cook it with bacon only….here it goes:

At most, this will probably only take about 20 minutes to fix:


1 head of cabbage (with the most leaves of dark green)

2 pieces of bacon

Seasonings (Johnny’s (or other seasoned salt), pepper, creole seasoning, garlic powder or cloves, old bay)


Slice the cabbage in half, and then in across it in small, thin portions – not too small.  Rinse the cabbage well making sure to drain most of the water. Remove the thick white core and any pieces that are thick, white, hard pieces.    They don’t cook well and if you leave them it can cause you to cook the cabbage too long and make it mushy.

In a pot, on medium heat,  fry the bacon at the bottom.  Do not use a skillet, but a pot. Fry the bacon until crisp.  Remove the bacon and add the cabbage.  Continously stir the cabbage into the pot, as it cooks it will shrink.  Don’t take too long to get all of the cabbage into the pot.  You want it to still be stiff so that it can absorb the bacon flavor and cook as well.

Add the seasonings, very little at a time and taste.  Cabbage does not require much seasoning so be careful…it abosrbs rather quickly in cabbage.  Continue to stir and once it is almost to the consistency you like, turn the pot off and cover.

The cabbage will steam and make its own water – no need to add any.  Taste it after it has been sitting there just to see if you need more seasoning.

You could make a meal out of this by accompanying it with yams, and cornbread – YUMMMY!!

Note:  I was raised in Michigan and my grandmother always used cabbage with dark green leaves.  In California, the grocers remove quite a bit of that before they put it out.  You may find in some neighborhood grocery stores that they have them.  If you do, remove the darker leaves and keep them seperate.  After the other cabbage is cut, roll up the darker leaves and then cut.  For some reason, the cabbage taste better with the darker green leaves.  Now that I am in the South and in the Midwest, I have found the darker green cabbage….Yummy


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