Chicken & Dumplins

My BFF made a comment recently that I have not cooked since I have been visiting.  Hmmm, I really haven’t hence I have not been posting to this blog either because I haven’t been at home in a few months.  There is something about cooking in your own kitchen that just breeds the need to cook!  🙂

Sooo, since I plan to fly home next week I thought I should cook something for my BFF.  I needed something quick and easy because I had work to do.  I decided to make Chicken and Dumplins.  Since I don’t have any Bisquick which is my normal way to make them I had to look up a recipe.  They came out great and thought I would share.


You can use any chicken pieces that you prefer and any amount.  Of course the more chicken the more dumplins.  I wash the chicken and put them in a big pot.  I season the mean in the pot.  I also “over” season because of the fact I am going to add a lot of water and boil.  I put seasonings like Johnny’s Seasoning, garlic, celery, old bay, pepper, creole seasoning.  Boil for about 30 minutes to an hour. Remove the chicken from the pot so the juice can be used to cook the dumplins.


This recipe worked well.  The only thing I would do differently is put 1 lest tsp of baking powder.  I think it was too much.  Other than that, follow the directions. Get the recipe I used here.

Once the dumplins are ready, add the chicken back into the pot and turn the pot off.

Tip:  Don’t put too much water, but enough so that the dumplins don’t stick to the bottom.  If you do it just right, the dumplins will also generate gravy in the pot.  When you add the chicken back and let it sit for a moment…it’s good.

This should not take more than about 45 minutes in preparation time.  A very quick and easy meal to fix.


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