Easy Refreshing Cake/Pie – Perfect for a Hot Day

My BFF always makes this for various family gatherings.  I always here her mention it but I never seem to get any.  Wellll she made one a few weeks ago and then this past weekend.  I am STUCK…It’s refreshing, light and just plain good.  I have been “hurting” myself and proud of it.

The 3 day diet was interrupted this week and oh well – A girl’s gotta do what she must.  It’s quick, does not require baking at all.

Dummy Cake


2 cups flour

1 cup butter

2 tsps sugar

Mix all together and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (note:  she add’s pecans into it or layers them on the bottom – if you like them add that if not – it will still be good)

Alternative which I like the best:  Graham cracker crust.  You can use a ready make crust and layer pecans at the bottom!


1 cup – 2 (8 oz) of cream cheese

Confectioners sugar (add to taste and consistency) so that it’s creamy

1 lg instant chocolate pudding

1 lg container of cool whip.

Layer the above items on the crust:  cream cheese, pudding, cool whip.

Keep in the refrigerator to stiffen, but you could eat it right away.

You can add your own twists however you like, it will work with all kinds of variations.



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