Cookin’ While Workin’ from Home

I have come to accept that to save money – I must cook.  There are days I am soo swamped there just does not seem to be enough time.  I think the first thing to do is make it a priority.  With the expense of everything these days, it is critical to find ways to cut costs.

I have to admit – I am more successful at cooking when I work closer to the kitchen.  I try to work in different areas of my home to keep myself entertained.  If I stay in one spot all the time, it tends to drive me a little crazy.  I honestly plan my meals around where I am working.

When I am cooking meals that take more time, I will work in my living room which is the closest to the kitchen.  I start early with meals that require baking like baked chicken.  If I am cooking something that will be baking or cooking for a while – I may work from my bedroom.  When I work in the basement, which means two flights of stairs to the kitchen – we eat leftovers :)!

It’s about what works best for you.  I know that I need to save money, eat decent meals to be healthy, and find ways to work and cook at the same time.  We make time for everything else, we have to make time to cook for ourselves as well.


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