We had Brunch Today!!

Well it’s July 5th and my parents found a few more recipes to try.  One of them my mom saw it prepared on television and immediately went to the store to get the puff pastry.  She put it in the freezer and that was the end of that.  My mom is 73 and has COPD which reduces her energy and said she just does not always feel like it.  Well, that was my sign as she knows how I love to cook so I had to fix it for her.  Then BJ wanted me to go to the store to get the stuff for a different recipe – another sign that I was to cook it!  They are too funny and of course I wanted to please them so here we go!

These are not fast, but they are easy.  I think these are great “Brunch” recipes for the weekend. Both of these can be fixed and warmed up the next day as great leftovers for those times when we are very busy working from home and need to eat something.  Make a lil extra!

The first think I fixed was Easy Sticky Buns. (Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa)  I followed the recipe except I could not find parchment paper so I used cupcake filler paper.  They worked ok, but I am going to keep looking for parchment paper.  The other little mishap, since it was my first time using puffed pastry, the second piece of the pastry got warm and stuck together so I could not open it up.  Tip:  Keep it cool so they easily open up.  If not, do like I did, roll the dough together, knead, and roll it out with a rolling pin.  At the end, it worked perfectly anyway.  Now that I have made them, and they were good, I will probably add a little more pecans and put some in between the puffed pastry vs. all of them in the 1st step…Excellent.  Check this out here.

The second thing I fixed – Country French Omelet (Ina Garten).  Again, this was REALLY easy and can be completed within about 30 minutes.  I followed the recipe – but I did not want too much as I knew we would not eat it all so I just used 4 eggs instead of 6.  I also made a seperate one with egg beaters instead of real eggs..came out great.  After I made it, I now know there is soo much you can do with this. You could add bell pepper & onions to the potatoes step.  You could use crab or shrimp for the meat.  Add spinach  and/or mushrooms at the end before putting it in the oven.  Very flexible type of recipe and easy. Check it out here!

I baked the sticky buns first.  I then fixed the omelet.  The two together were just awesome – we were very satisfied!!


One thought on “We had Brunch Today!!

  1. I’m glad you tried Ina’s sticky bun recipe–I have it but haven’t made them. I’m glad to know they’re worth the trouble. There’s nothing Ina makes that I wouldn’t try. I have a couple of her cook books and everything always comes out right.
    Thanks Michelle.


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