I made Tamales for the FIRST time

I am soo excited – I made some Tamales for the first time a few days ago and they came out great.  Now this truly does not fit in the “efficient” area of cooking BUT it was fun.

The interesting part was my step-parent only wanted them with ground beef – that was a first too – but they tasted great.  We found a couple of different recipes and you know me – I had to add my own twist and pulled from both recipes.

I am going to post the links at the bottom.  My twist was with the chiles and the broth.

Preparation of the the ground beef:

I sauteed onions, bell pepper and garlic in oil and added the ground beef.  I seasoned it with the suggestions from the recipe.  I cut up some of the chiles into the meat while it cooked as well.  Once it was browned, I added beef broth and let it simmer for about an hour.  I wanted to have very flavored broth for the masa. In the meantime – I soaked chile guajillo pods in water.

I drained the juices from the meat and and took some of the water that the chile was soaking in and put that into a blender.  I used that mixture for the masa with the oil.  The flavor was excellent. I pretty much followed the recipes for the masa – but I highly recommend NOT using as much salt that they recommend because if your meat is seasoned and you add these juices to the masa – you don’t need more salt.  How do you say Fabulous in spanish?  I have no idea – lol!

The links that I utilized for the recipes are recipe 1 and recipe 2 – click on the recipe links.

Feeling adventurous – It is a great way to get friends involved in the meal – it will make the process much faster!


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