Leftovers are the Best – Carnitas Tacos

I baked a pork roast for dinner yesterday.  Once I finished it, I did not have taste for it.  I knew when I cooked it what I was going to do in advance.  Carnitas tacos!

I guess living in California really helped me gain a love for Mexican food.  I miss it…I am going to have to find a restaurant in Chicago and compare.  I sent my niece to the store for Cilantro – she came back with Parsley..I went to the store.

The tacos were a hit with my family.


Pork Roast – I shredded the roast




Jack Cheese

Corn Tortillas

Shred the pork and mix any gravy you may have add with it, just a little.  Cut up the tomatoes,  and onions into small cubes.  Cut the cilantro up and add to the tomatoes mixture.  I seasoned the mixture with salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning.  I shredded the Jack cheese.

In a skillet warm the tortillas – no oil.  I warm two at a time..I do mean warm – don’t leave them in there long enough to get hard, turn over once.  While hot add cheese, meat and the pico de gallo mixture (onions, tomatoes, cilantro) and serve.  My granddaughter was very excited.

You could do the same thing with a beef roast or left over chicken.  If I don’t make these type of tacos, I love to make enchiladas with leftovers as well. Yummy!!!


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