Your Turn to Cook – Chicken Pot Pie

I love my mom’s cooking.  LOVE IT.  Dish-washing, however, is my least favorite chore.  I’m not spoiled people! I just would rather scrub a toilet instead of cleaning  a plate.  Because my mother is the chef in this house, my default job is the bus girl.  The other night my mother and I agreed to switch rolls for a day.  I would cook, and in return, she would clean the kitchen.  Yaaay… NOT.  She tricked me.  I ended up cooking and washing dishes.  Good one Mom.

The dish that I prepared was chicken pot pie.  No, not the frozen kind, the real thing.  What I would like to say is that it was surprisingly easy and quick to make, but then I would be lying a little – not so much about the easy part, but definitely the quick part.  I am an intermediate cook, more of Michelle’s sous chef if you will.  Paula Dean said that it would only take me 30 minutes to prepare.  Well that would be true for a person who cooks everyday, like Paula or my mother for example.  For people like myself, let me translate what a 30 min recipe really means.  One and one half HOURS, give or take a few minutes.  Like my mother often does, I did not stick to the exact recipe.  I was unable to find puff pastry at the grocery store, so i created my own crust using Bisquick and milk, and rolled out the dough.  I have had it before with the puff pastry and I must admit, that way is much easier and tastes great.  Another way to cut time is to buy frozen pie crust, lay it over the top, and cut 3 slits in the middle.  I also suggest that you add a little more seasoning than what the recipe calls for.  The great part about making pot pie is that you can use a different meat besides chicken, or even leave out the meat to create a tasty vegetarian dish.  You can also freeze or refrigerate the leftover filling for another day, thus creating something that will only take 15 min or less to prepare the next time.  I must say that my pot pie turned out great.  My mom even had seconds.  Now that is success.    Click here for the recipe that i used.

Now that I am now educated on what my mom means when she suggests that I cook and she wash the dishes, the next meal that I prepare will be grilled cheese sandwiches on paper plates.  Stay tuned!


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