Anyone for Mac & Cheese – It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday and as you know that’s my big meal day.  I still work in between and today I did more work today while cooking – I finally got my other blog Virtually Speaking up and running  finally – Yay!, I was very focused.  Today I fixed short ribs and mac & cheese.  I know my nephew and daughter love mac & cheese, so what the heck.  All I had to do was mention it to my daughter and she happily went to the store.

Short Ribs

I think one of the keys to cooking and working is to start early, especially on a Sunday dinner.  Honestly, I could fix a meal like this during the week but there is something about that Sunday meal for me.

I seasoned the short ribs about 10am this morning and put them in the oven for about 3 hours. I brown them first by cooking them uncovered in the over.  I turn them over, add onions (white & red) and bell pepper.  Once they are tender I put a couple of heaping forks of flour in a glass, stir quickly and constantly while adding water and pour over the meat.  I stir the flour water around the pan, with the meat, and put it back in the oven for about 30 more minutes

Mac & cheeseMac & Cheese

I make mine a little different from the way I was taught – but it’s pretty basic. I will use just about any thicker pasta, shells, macaroni, spiral, and sometimes I mix them depending on how much I have available. The picture is the actual mac& cheese I made today on my stove top- looks good huh.

Pasta (cook until it is soft – not until it is completely done) rinse it and place it in a  bowl that is twice the size of the amount of pasta.  Cheese (colby, sharp cheddar, jack, mexican shredded) – I buy the first three in brick form and depending on the amount – I will use at least half of each.  Grate it.  We like it cheesy.  I make a white sauce, add half of the cheese into the white sauce after it thickens.  Pour the sauce mixture over the pasta in the bowl, salt, pepper, and at least a cup of sour cream, and add the rest of the cheese – mix it. I will put some of the shredded cheese in the bowl as well.  Once it is mixed well, I pour into a glass dish and spread grated cheese over it.  Now if you really want to add a little extra, put breadcrumbs on top as well for a different touch.  Bake for about 45 mins – 1hour.  I like it a little brown as you can see on the picture.  Yummy.

Tip:  If your sauce seems runny, you could add an egg which will kind of bring it all together. I think it also keeps it from being dry.  Sometimes I add an egg and sometimes I don’t.

White Sauce

My grandmother taught me to make this for mac and cheese.  I use it for other sauces as well.

Put 3T of butter in a pot and melt on medium heat.  Add about 3-4 heaping forkfull of flour and mix well until it is smooth.  Pour about 2 -3 cups of milk and cook until it thickens. Add your cheese and turn it off.  Continue to stir until the cheese has melted.  Add a little salt and pour over the macaroni.  If you want the sauce a little richer, use half and half.  If it turns out too thick, just add a little more milk.

To finish off this meal we are having salad and cornbread…YUMMY!!


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