Meat Loaf – Tryin’ something a lil different

I had a client mention that she wanted to cook something for her husband – he had been asking her to cook more and she of course is very busy.  She asked, “How do you cook meat loaf“?  I said I have a pretty quick way of fixing it and I told her a few things she needed to pick up and this is one I did not fix from scratch:

  • Hamburger
  • Italian Sausage
  • Packaged Meat Loaf seasoning
  • Brown gravy package (2)
  • Bell pepper, onions, garlic.

I usually follow the package and of course add a few extra seasonings like garlic, seasoned pepper, seasoned salt, panko bread crumbs.

Fixing it my original way – really is something that can get mixed together in about 30 minutes- so it fits in our “efficient” category.  And if you make enough of it – you will have leftovers tomorrow!

Did I mention I do not like ketchup or tomato sauce on meatloaf?  Yuck….I have to have brown gravy on mine.

Well, I decided that I was going to fix meatloaf for dinner.  My daughter and niece were like yes, please fix a meatloaf.  My daughter wanted me to try a new recipe that she had the pleasure of eating at her best friends house.  Sarah’s mom fixed a meatloaf using a recipe of Emeril Lagasse’s.

I’m always open to trying something new, so I am cooking it as we speak.  Of course, you know me, I have made a few changes and left a few things out.  It smells really great.  I will include a link to the actual recipe at the end of this blog.

The new meatloaf recipe was great. I did not fix the sauce for the top of it because it called for ketchup.  I omitted ketchup altogether.  I didn’t use veal, but used italian sausage instead.  You know me, I added a few more of my own seasonings – but everything else I followed.  I did not measure exactly but it came out great.  I love meatloaf it is such a great comfort food.  Hope you enjoy – as always, til next time……

Emeril’s Recipe can be found here

Note:  I have a wonderful dutch oven that is perfect for backing any kind of meat.  I purchased it from a friend mine as well as a few other cooking utensils…If you have time, please check out some of their merchandise.  I absolutely love everything I have ever purchased.  See it here


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