Sunday Dinner – What is Your Tradition?

Sunday Dinner was big in my childhood. My grandmother always cooked a “different” type of meal on Sunday. EVERY Sunday.   I cannot remember a Sunday that Nana did not cook either a pork roast or beef roast, and every now and then a baked chicken.  We never got tired or bored with it either, and as I mentioned earlier – there was ALWAYS a sweet potatoe pie.  There were other sweets available for example you could always get fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

I pretty much kept the “Sunday Dinner” tradition but I have to admit it’s not “every” Sunday more like “most” Sundays.  This Sunday will be baked chicken, green beans with potatoes, and cornbread.  I made peach cobbler to go with Gumbo on Friday so no desert – we still have some peach cobbler.

This is going to be a quick Sunday Dinner because I have some work to get done and I am can be very relaxed cooking – working – cooking – working – the advantage of being an executive virtual assistant and having a wireless house that I can move around with my laptop.

Baked Chicken

This Sunday – I am baking a whole chicken, I will season it the day before and let it sit in seasoning overnite:

  • Fresh thyme, basil, bay leaf
  • Ground pepper, fresh garlic
  • chili powder, creole seasoning or cajun
  • Johnny’s seasoning (like a seasoned salt but better)

Prior to baking, fill the inside with lemons, bell peppers, celery, onions, and oranges… squeeze the juice of the fruit on the skin.  You can do the same for pieces – just spread the same items above  in the bottom of the pan.  Cover and bake – of course turning the chicken as it cooks.   Bake and carve.

Green Beans/with Potatoes

I prefer fresh green beans, but to save time –  I will buy the frozen, cut.  This part takes time in advance..I cook smoked turkey until it is falling off the bone making sure to have enough water for the vegetable.  Take the meat from the pot and pull off of the bone with a fork, add meat back in the pot/water. Add the potatoes, bring to a boil,.    Reduce heat cook until just before they are soft and add the green beans.  Season and cook for about 10 more minutes and serve.


This is the one item I don’t cook from scratch.  I love Jiffy – I always add a little sugar and flour to make it more cakey..and follow the instructions on the box.  If I have buttermilk – I use that instead of milk.

This probably is not the most efficient meal – but it’s a great Sunday Dinner.  Till next time….


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