Potatoes Please

As a special request from my favorite client, Dr. Wright – I am posting this recipe.  I have not fixed it, but I will on Sunday.  This is another one of those shows I saw and decided I am going to try something.  It was my first time seeing him cook and I keep forgetting to TIVO him, his name is Danny Boome.  I am also going to add another quick way at the bottom.

Of course, I am going to make a few changes to fit my style – but I cannot wait to try it. I am going to add a little bit of green onions, garlic, and maybe butter.  I have gold potatoes – not new or even red, so I will use those instead.  Instead of the rings (I don’t have any) – I am going to use my creme brulee’ dishes (I make that from scratch too) and bake the potatoe mixture in those – I have four of them.  This should not take too long to fix, I think this will fit in my “efficient” category.  His time estimate is 35 mins.

He talks about baking it in 4 rings.  On the show he gave a very neat tip:  save cans from canned foods, remove the top and the bottom, and bake the potatoe mixture in that.  He sprayed it with non-stick, baked the mixture..and lifted it off of the mixture on the plate for presentation – I could do that.

I tell you – I am GOING to be a chef when I grow up.  Well maybe I am – just self/family trained – LOL.  Anyway here is the link to the recipe and I hope you enjoy…Please share how it comes out for you!


A different recipe when sick of baked:

Just because you don’t have ANY time but want Potatoes:

  • Wash potatoes (any kind)
  • Slice onions and bell peppers
  • Boil potatoes for about 7 mins – MAX, take off the stove and put in cold water.
  • In cast iron pan, add sesame seed oil, medium heat
  • Add garlic, bell pepper, onion – saute’ about 2 minutes
  • Cut up the potatoes in cubes
  • Add to the pan and stir, season them, reduce the fire, and cook until soft – covered. Note:  don’t forget to stir often – you can add a tiny bit of water and little more oil depending on your quantity

This will be great with anything, breakfast, lunch, or dinner..You could also add cheese on top at the very end when it is still hot – just turn the pan off, add any kind of grated cheese and put the lid back on.  Let it sit for a few minutes.


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