Have a lil Breakfast and Get Rich!

I love breakfast!! You don’t understand – I LOVE breakfast…Breakfast is my all time favorite meal and I am one of those that can eat breakfast anytime of day. My mom started that and I have carried that to my daughter and now my granddaughter. My specialty up to this point has been waffles. I will fix waffles for friends and family when I wanna do something special. When I ask my daughter what she wants me to cook for her birthday – it’s fried chicken and waffles.

BUT I will save my tricks for that later, right now it is becoming French Toast…Talk about quick – this is quick and rich!

I was hungry yesterday and overwhelmed with work. I had to get some things done for a few clients and I was tired from burning the 2am fire the past couple of days. That also means I needed to do something quick to allow me time to get stuff done and I have not had time to go grocery shopping.

Another thing I “always” keep at home is bacon and eggs. As I said, I love breakfast..

I rarely do this, but remember – I wanted to save time so I cooked the bacon in the microwave. I did not have any milk, I improvised, I just had heavy cream. You gotta try this – perfect for a special, quick romantic breakfast:

For four slices of bread (try the new white bread that is now whole grain – it’s good):

Mix 2 eggs together and stir in about 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream.  Stir the eggs consistently as you are pouring the heavy cream in.  You can always add more cream if you are going to use more than 4 slices of bread.  Heat the pan, add butter about 1 tsp per piece of bread.  After it is melted, dip the bread in the batter, one at at time and only when you are getting ready to put it directly into the pan.  Make sure the bread is completely covered with batter.  Place in pan.  As one side is cooking, place another tsp of butter on top of the bread – flip the bread, cook, and serve.

This is rich – but very good and it will only take about 10 minutes max to cook.  ENJOY…as always please share how it comes out for you…til next time!


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