Increasing my Vegetables – What about You?

I have this thing about vegetables – I know I need to increase my intake and I am hoping my writing this blog will help me accomplish that goal and help me keep this thought in the forefront of my mind.  I was doing better before I moved here – I think the snow impacted my healthy spirit a little – but no excuses – I gotta do better.  I do know that for me to increase my intake of vegetables everyday – they MUST be fresh, as I am not a fan at all of cans and only a few that are frozen. I love frozen peas and string beans but I cook my string beans the same way I would if they were fresh.  One thing for sure most vegetables can be cooked quickly-what is our theme – saving time.

Today, let’s discuss cabbage.  Cabbage is one of the reasons I started this due to a person on Twitter looking for a way to cook cabbage with corned beef.  Let’s just say corned beef is an easy one – follow the package and let it cook slowly and you have a great piece of meet that you can eat several ways.

I have seen corned beef and cabbage in restaurants and the cabbage is always too cooked for me.  I like mine soft but not overly cooked.  Here is how I cook mine:

  • 1 piece of bacon (for flavor)
  • 1 whole head of cabbage (enough for 4-6 people)
  • garlic and any other seasoning you like

Cut your cabbage up by cutting it in half, cut out the core and remove the other thick pieces. I get rid of the thicker, white pieces, often I even remove it when I am cooking as well because it’s too thick and not as tasty. Slice the cabbage about 1/2 inch or so.  Rinse and put aside.  Fry the bacon crisp (if you don’t each bacon) you could substitute smoked turkey- we’ll address that later.  After the bacon is fried remove it and put the cabbage in the pot, stirring often over medium heat.  Add about 3 or 4 tablespoons of water, as less as possible because cabbage will create it’s own water.  Season it – I grate my garlic, add pepper, and a little bit of seasoned salt.  Note:  Cabbage will suck up your seasoning so be careful with the amount – you can add other seasonings like ginger if you like but be careful.   Reduce the heat and cook until tender – covered.  It should not take more that 5-7 minutes – depending on your heat and the amount.  Crumble the bacon on top when the cabbage is done. A great meal with any meat.

Smoked Turkey as a substitute…Cook the smoked turkey until it is falling off of the bone – at least an hour.  I overly cook it because I like for the meat to be very tender.  This is another item that I will throw on the stove and go back to work.

When it is done – I take the turkey out of the pot and using a fork, pull all of the meat off of it, put aside.  Leave a small amount of the juice in the pot and add the cabbage.  Again, only a small amount for flavor – the cabbage will make water and you don’t want too much of it to reduce the flavor.  Follow the rest of the instructions above. Add the turkey meat towards the end.

If you don’t each meat – then just use a little water and season a little more – it’s all about the flavor.

Note:  What I love about the Midwest is the cabbage in the grocery stores are much greener.  The stores here leave more of the deep green leaves on the cabbage.  For some reason, in California they always took a lot of that off.  I did notice a few months before I left, some of the stores were starting to leave the darker leaves on. If you are fortunate to have that – I would pull those leaves off first, roll them up and cut them into the bowl or pot with the rest of cabbage – it will add a prettier look to it and better taste.

Till next time…Let me know what you think about this and any other item you may have tried.  Thanks!


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