It’s Sunday – What’s for Dinner?

Sharing a quick tip to bake chicken for a great Sunday meal.  I am going to do this for my dinner today.  Preparation is quick – but of course depending on the amount pieces you bake, it may take a little more time for complete cooking. This is a good one to cook during the week as well, once you prepare – you can go back to work and check every 15 minutes or so.

Remember I mentioned to buy packages as a staple, I buy various packages and utilize them for more than they are intended.  This is one of those opportunities, Taco Seasoning – great when making Taco’s but now we are going to use it on chicken:

  • Turn the oven to about 350
  • Wash the chicken
  • Pour taco seasoning in storage bag (you can mix a little bit of panko bread crumbs for some crunch)
  • Toss the chicken in the bag
  • Place the chicken in your baking dish
  • Bake uncovered for at least an hour or longer until done, again depends on the quantity.
  • Turn the pieces over about every 15 minutes

This is a great dish to have with the spinach mentioned earlier.  Note:  this is really good for a finger food too if you are making hors d’eouvres and you use the chicken winglets in the bag.  Also, if you like your food a little more seasoned like extra garlic, go ahead and season prior to shaking just be careful with the salt, but it won’t hurt the flavor.  I would thaw the winglets first for about 30-45 mins at least!

Special Note:  This will seem a bit messy as it cooks and you turn the chicken over – but it taste great…You will have to soak the pan prior to washing when it is completed. Also – if you season the chicken ahead of time – that will give you more flavor as well.  Try at least for a couple of hours to let it sit in just seasoning before shaking in the taco seasoning – but don’t put too much seasoning as it could be too salty.

Please share how this turns out for you and any other suggestions or questions – until next time….


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