Quick Recipe – 5 mins, healthy, and my top suggestion

Happy Friday – As I was thinking about my dinner for tonite, I remembered a REALLY great suggestion that is one of the tops on my list for making a very quick meal.  I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend purchasing your meat from this company…I am going to have to locate a person in my new city, the person I had in California was just awesome.

The company is Horizon Foods http://www.horizonfoods.com/hf/index.jsp .  I LOVE the quality of the meat – my favorite, my favorite  is their salmon.  Now, they are not cheap, but worth every penny and here’s why:

  • Cost per meal makes it affordable
  • Quality is the best
  • Convenience – oh my good – they bring it to YOU – can you beat that for efficiency
  • Easy to cook – no need to thaw it out

The last reason is important.  I always their Salmon in my freezer – it is excellent.  The meat comes individually packaged, all you have to do is take out what you want to cook – remember it’s frozen – put it in a bowl of room temperature water for about 20 minutes and cook it.  My tip:  grill it..and for a side dish fresh sauteed spinach!

Spinach – Get a big bag of fresh spinach.  I always buy it in the bag because it’s easier and you don’t have to take anything off the stems, rinse it and cook.  Now here’s my special gift to you – it should not take anymore than 5 minutes, EVERYONE I have fixed this for LOVES it.

  • You need fresh garlic, sesame oil, and seasoning – salt & pepper will do – if you can find “Johnnys Seasoning – which is like a seasoned salt – BUY it.
  • After you have rinsed the spinach, grate your garlic
  • In a pan pour a little about a tablespoon of sesame oil and the garlic – get the pan warm
  • Add your fresh spinach and season it
  • In no more than 2-3 minutes as soon as it softens – turn it off and serve it.
  • Yummmy
  • Alternative – If you have fresh ginger or powdered ginger – sprinkle a little with the garlic…

I grill the salmon in the sesame oil as well. Your dinner is ready in under 30 minutes total and VERY healthy.

TRY IT and put some comments on to tell me how it worked out for you….till next time.


2 thoughts on “Quick Recipe – 5 mins, healthy, and my top suggestion

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